Around Global Contour Eyes

Around Global Contour Eyes

All Skin Types
This serum effectively combats ageing around the eye areas by restoring collagen in the dermis, diminishing expression wrinkles and reducing dark eye circles. It strengthens the skin’s hydro-lipid barrier to maintain the skin’s hydration. In addition, it enhances the skin’s elasticity and restructures the morphology of the skin’s micro-cutaneous surface.


Effectively prevents and treats wrinkles, expression lines, sagging, under-eye puffiness and dark circles


Apply in gentle circular movements around the eye areas until completely absorbed. Continue with other desired treatment.

Skin Types

Key Ingredients (Paraben Free)

Vitamin A (Retinol)
It activates cellular regeneration by promoting the shedding of the outermost cells, thereby giving an illuminating effect.

Bio-Marine Collagen 6 (Marine-Based Soluble Collagen)®
A protein which provides the necessary amino acids to fibroblasts, which increase skin density, improving the micro-cutaneous relief.

A tetrapeptide with decongestive properties, which demonstrates proven efficacy by reducing the size of eye bags, with a draining effect.

Matrixyl™ 3000
A peptide complex which activates the skin’s repair process by rejuvenating the extracellular matrix, restoring fibres damaged by UV radiation, increasing the production of new collagen.

Aloe Vera
Stimulates cellular regeneration, as well as the fibres responsible for the skin’s elasticity, with a moisturising and softening action.

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