Local Celebrity
I was recently introduced to @fresverbeauty and did their S+ Cell Facial. I am totally amazed by the results! My skin is so much smoother and more radiant now! I’m currently using their homecare range of products to maintain the effects.

Woo Jia Qi

Local Celebrity
I’m literally in awe because all thanks to @FresverBeauty, I’ve started using these babies here which they’ve gifted me along with a luxurious #FresverFacial and relaxing massage. And boy am I loving the effects they have on my skin! My skin is definitely a lot bouncier and stays hydrated throughout the day. Psst, #FresverBeauty has been around for 28 years, that’s even older than me!

Quan Yi Fong

Local Celebrity
今天,我再次去了 @fresverbeauty 进行脸部护理,美容师为我进行了VX3脸部护理,主要是针对脸部的提拉,以达到紧致作用。 护理后的结果真的是太棒了,出乎我意料!我的脸明显变小,而且更加的立体。现在我可以无忧无虑的拍更多自拍了!😊
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