• Find out early if something is wrong.As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure! Going for regular facials is like going for regular check-ups. Your therapist will be able to detect what’s wrong and how to best treat your skin problems.
    At professional facial salons like Fresver, we also have specialised apparatus and technology that can analyse deep under the surface layers of your skin. As a result, we are able to target and prevent potential skin problems even before they happen!
  • Pop pimples the right way.
    Popping your pimples incorrectly could push bacteria deeper in, causing even more problems. Think of going for facials as seeing a professional pimple popper – nothing will go wrong and that irritating spot is guaranteed to be removed thoroughly. Your facial therapist will also ensure that tools used are always properly sanitised to prevent the spread of bacteria, resulting in outbreaks.
  • They give great, customised and in-depth skincare advice
    Why buy products based on advertisements or fancy retail displays when you can have a professional tailormade skincare program for your skin? Besides, your skin is constantly changing due to age, hormones or the environment. Going for regular facials ensures that your current skin care regime is always kept up to date!
  • Give your skin a through cleanseFacial Salons are able to cleanse and exfoliate your skin on a deeper level compared to homecare products. This step is extremely crucial because clogged skin causes breakouts and prevents your skin from absorbing precious nutrients from skincare products!
  • VERY enjoyable and relaxing. Excluding the extraction bits, facial treatments are a pampering way to reward yourself with some me-time, or to bring along a companion for a bonding session. With a combination of eye, face and shoulder massages, facial sessions at Fresver Beauty are absolutely divine. Your skin will be left feeling soft and supple, refreshed and rejuvenated.
Generally, facials are recommended once a month. However, you can discuss your specific needs, desired outcomes and schedule with your consultant.
Most of our facial treatments usually range from 60 – 120 minutes, but will vary according to treatment.
Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Simply make an appointment with us, and leave it to our professional therapists to recommend the best suited treatment for your skin condition.
Yes! While most of our Facial Treatments are generally safe, some steps or machine treatments may have to be changed and/or omitted to ensure the safest experience possible. Please let us know if you’re pregnant/nursing when making an appointment so we can recommend the most suitable treatments.
The minimum age requirement is 21 years old. However, we also welcome those under 21 to try our services if granted parental consent.
Yes, Fresver welcomes both ladies and gentlemen! In fact, men should come for regular facials as male skin tend to have larger pores and more oil, making it more prone to acne. Having professional help in cleaning out pores can prevent breakouts and reduce oil production.
Good skin doesn’t happen overnight; we recommend scheduling a series for facials about 3 to 6 months before your special occasion. You should fix your final facial at about one week before your big day.

BEFORE: Avoid waxing, shaving, using exfoliating products, attempt extractions on your own, spend long hours in the sun.

AFTER: Avoid putting makeup immediately after, exposing yourself to the sun, massages, gym or sauna sessions

Please check with our staff over a call or text so they can find out more to better advise you!

Most of our treatments usually range from 60 – 120 minutes, but will vary according to treatment.

Usually you’ll be able to feel the difference with one treatment; however, it varies from person to person as everyone has different body conditions.

You can find out more about our Wellness services here.
Avoid showering immediately (do wait for at least 2 hours) and drinking cold beverages. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle (like sleeping early and avoiding fried foods) will definitely aid in improving your body conditions as well!
We recommend for mummies to come 3 months after they given birth naturally and 6 months after a Caesarean.
You may like to check with your presiding doctor first. More information on the treatment is available here.
Please see our operating hours here.

You may call our outlets to book, or make an online booking here!

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We recommend for you to call us first to ensure that you have a slot, to prevent disappointment or long waiting times, especially during peak periods. Online booking is also available!
Arriving late might reduce the duration of your treatment, hence affecting the effectiveness of the treatment. Please try to arrive within 15 mins of your appointment time.

We accept Cash, NETS, Visa/Master, Diners, American Express, PayNow and GrabPay.

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