Bong QiuQiu


Had a very shiok facial @fresverbeauty and afterwards my skin really becomes super bright and smooth and looks clearer! I experienced their Oxygeneo facial and the beautician really superrrr good with her skills, 10 mins into it I knock out already becox too relaxing!!! Fresver has been around for 30 years in Singapore and had always focused on helping their clients get good flawless skin with the help of their advanced machines.

Nicole Choo


Thank you @fresverbeauty for my pampering facial session today. I tried the Diamond Chrome Facial, after the treatment, my face has brightened significantly, pimples and black heads were also removed in the process. As you can see I’ve got acne scars & I’m in the process of further healing them, but these are my visible results after one session. So glad to have my face taken care of once again as I tend to need guidance with what products to use.

Soh Hui Shan


I went to Fresver Beauty to fix my face and what I can say is that you guys have to try it! You won’t be disappointed with it because its so damn good! I started off by using a machine to check the type of problems my face is facing.. My black heads on my nose are horrendous, and my face is very dry due to the lack of care.. ): After knowing the problems, they then treated my skin with 2 very cool machines – one with REAL DIAMONDS to clear the debris and brighten my skin and another one which used green light and ultrasonic waves to infuse vitamins and balance oil production. The facial ended off with a super relaxing massage for my face, scalp and shoulders and then a collagen mask!


Thank you @fresverbeauty for taking care of my skin. My first ever facial treatment went well 👍🏽 It didn’t hurt at all! I was shocked to see the condition of my skin. I did a Chromotherapy Infusion that help to relax my skin by using various spectrums of light to target a variety of skin concerns. I used the blue light and it helps me to smoothen my skin. Really enjoyed my treatment!



Went to @fresverbeauty at Tiong Bahru for facial last week! Sat at the conducive waiting area and had a yummy cup of mocha prepared by the receptionist. The therapist did a skin analysis for me to find out my skin condition to advise me the most suitable treatment. Then I was brought into the treatment room to change into something more comfortable. We started with “Aroma Tension Release” massage #shiok. Then “Double Cleansing” to remove my make up and other impurities. Followed by Diamond Peel, Extraction, Antibacterial Zap and Chemotherapy Infusion.



Thank you @fresverbeauty for taking care of my skin thoroughly. My assigned professional therapist suggested me to go for facial treatments regularly in order for my skin to stay hydrated~ Based on her evaluation, she recommended the Oxygenesis treatment to hydrate and oxygenate my skin cells to speed up cell repair and regeneration. Super surprised and glad to witness my skin becoming bright than before!! In just one session, the before/after difference was pretty obvious!



Just have my second facial done at @fresverbeauty! They used a machine to find out my skin condition before that and made sure to cater the facial according to my skin type. They did the Oxygenesis 3-in-1 treatment for me which helps to nourish and brighten my skin which can be seen in the before and after picture. The full treatment includes a welcome aroma ritual, head massage, double cleansing, oxygenesis therapy, oxy face paint massage, customised mask and shoulder mask. Really happy with the results there!



My skin actually was at its very worst state like every and after I went for @fresverbeauty’s Oxygenesis 3 in 1 Face Therapy I was definitely very impressed with the results. This treatment intensively moisturises and brightens the skin through the natural stimulation of the skin cells. The brightening effect is INSANE. I have never seen such a big difference just through one treatment. Results? I felt so radiant, fresh and hydrated. My skin has cleared up significantly and my blemishes have remained lightened even till now. Take a look at my before/after and also my skin condition now (with no skin makeup on at all)! Thank you @fresverbeauty for restoring my skin!!

Maya Hazel Qin


I have gotten a chance to visit @fresverbeauty‘s flagship at Tiong Bahru Plaza to try out their facial service. After analyzing my skin, they recommended me Oxygenesis Facial. It helps to exfoliate my skin, pump in oxygen and nutrients, boasting a more supple and fairer skin after the treatment. After the treatment, my skin felt nourished, hydrated and revitalized. My face is also visibly more radiant and lifted with reddish pimple scars lighten by a little.



Ever feel that your skin is so dry that it’s calling for help? Over the years of working in the night and over drinks of alcohol. My skin is always dry and dull with lack of hydration. I’m so glad I found @fresverbeauty – After screening my skin they recommend Oxygenesis 3 in 1 Face Therapy for me and trust me, I never feel so pampered from any facial treatment. The staff are really friendly and make me feel like a queen. Best of all, the result is pretty obvious just over 1 time treatment (90 mins). My skin is much nourished, hydrated and revitalised and visibly more radiant and lifted!

Vanessa Ho

Influencer, Actress & Host

This has got to be the fanciest facial I’ve done! It’s pretty cool exploring the machines in the Oxygenesis 3 in 1 Therapy at @fresverbeauty that helped to decongest my pores and nourish my skin. Had a great experience and I believe you will to! 🙂



These brows had earned me much praises over the Lunar New Year visitings and i am contemplating to do my eyeliner now. 😎
Special 💋 thanks to the lovely team & boss @fresverbeauty for taking such good care of me when i am there and making me feel at ease.



My brows have fully healed from my eyebrow embroidery from @fresverbeauty and here they are without any brow makeup 👌🏻. This saves so much time in the morning!

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