Imagine Having Pain-free Periods And A Healthy Womb That Boosts Fertility

It’s fantastic to feel more energetic, healthier, and not let your periods get in the way of your daily life. Live every day to the fullest and keep yourself in the pink of health. Start your self-care journey with us today.

Our Mud Moxi Womb and Ovary treatment is perfect for any lady who wants to ease her menstrual concerns, who is suffering from painful or irregular periods, looking to improve womb health, or simply just looking to improve overall quality of life!

Join Over 5,000 Ladies Who Saw Effective Results And Achieve Better Quality of Life

Our award-winning Mud Moxi treatment uses premium herbal mineral mud and functional herbs including Ginseng and ‘Dang Gui’, which are useful for alleviating various health problems.

It is effective in stimulating blood circulation to expel ‘coldness’ in the uterus hence relieving menstrual pain. The premium herbs used also provide quick and effective results, allowing you to achieve a healthy womb and ovarian function.

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3 Effective Steps To Improve Blood Circulation & Achieve Pain-free Periods

Step 1Massage with Ginger Herbal Oil
Using the finest Grade A ginger oil and a unique blend of over 35 Chinese herbs, our Meridian Point Massage helps to warm up the womb and stimulate blood circulation
Step 2Meridian Brush Treatment
Stimulates meridian points to revitalise Qi, expels wind, coldness and toxins from the body and opens pores to aid absorption of the herbal mud mask essence
Step 3Herbal Mud Mask
Contains more than 28 functional herbs including high-grade Ginseng and ‘Dang Gui’ that help eliminate blood clots leftover from the previous menstrual cycle

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Q: When is a good time to come for this treatment?

As this treatment cannot be done during menstruation, you can come either before your period starts or after your period has ended (completely cleared).

Q: I am planning to start a family. Can this treatment boost fertility?

Yes, this is one wellness treatment you should not miss! It works wonders for menstrual cramps, irregular periods and improving fertility! It also helps in delaying menopause.

Q: Is this treatment suitable for women who have cysts in the womb?

We welcome you to try our treatment if your doctor approves; because the massage will cause some pressure on your womb area. Since we are not fully aware of your body conditions, we believe that your doctor would be able to advise you better. Do take a look at our treatment video for reference!

Terms & Conditions

• Promotional price is valid till date to December 2022.
• Exclusively for new female customers aged 21 and above.
• Treatment is not to be done during menstruation.
• On high volume days, we might take up to 3 working days to reach out to you. We appreciate your patience.
• Promotion is not exchangeable for cash and cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion.
• Our specialists reserve the right to revise/adjust the treatment if it is deemed unsuitable for you.
• Your results may vary.
• Limited to a single web promo treatment for each new customer, not for existing customers and tourists.
• Fresver Beauty Pte Ltd reserves the right to amend any terms and conditions without prior notice.
• Upon registration, I agree to be contacted for marketing purposes (i.e. appointment booking & reminders, etc.) by Fresver Beauty.

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