Diamond Chrome

Clear Up Excess Sebum & Brighten Your Skin with this Dual-Mechanic Facial!

Are you ready to bring back your youthful skin?

A pampering 10-step facial featuring Diamond Peel and Chromotherapy Infusion to effectively treat all skin types! Clarifying Facial featuring Diamond Peel and Chromotherapy Infusion to remove impurities and reveal younger, radiant skin.

Discover Radiant Skin with Our Dual Mechanic Facial

Diamond Chrome Face Treatment is a non-surgical peel treatment that helps to eliminate dead skin cells. A peel removes the top layers of the epidermis. The result is new, glowing, and youthful skin. It enhances blemishes skin. It is performed with a special diamond-tipped tool that gently removes dirt, and dead skin cells. It helps for smoother skin.

What to Expect

Diamond Peel

Using genuine micro-diamond crystals coupled with gentle vacuum suction, skin debris is effectively removed and prepared for infusion. The micro-diamond crystals also brightens the skin, leaving it smooth and radiant.

Chromotherapy Infusion

Using various spectrums of light, this soothing treatment targets a variety of skin concerns. Coupled with a customised treatment gel, the microsonic carrier plates effectively infuse vitamins and hyaluronic acid deep into the dermis layers of the skin, leaving it ultra-hydrated, bouncy and glowy. 

Red LED Light  Instant Skin lifting & tightening effect
Blue LED Light Eliminates bacteria & reduces blemishes
Purple LED Light – Reduces inflammation, visible acne & acne marks


Who is Diamond Chrome Facials for?

  • Those seeking to effectively remove excess sebum, impurities, and dead skin cells
  • Individuals desiring younger, radiant skin in an instant
  • Anyone looking to even out their skin tone and refine pores

Customers reviews

What do People say?

I've tried numerous facials, but the Diamond Chrome by Fresver Beauty is truly a game-changer! My skin feels unbelievably smooth, and the treatment has worked wonders in revealing a brighter complexion. I highly recommend it for all my fellow skincare enthusiasts.
Grace T
Being someone with sensitive skin, I was skeptical at first, but Fresver's Diamond Chrome Facial proved to be gentle yet effective. It tackled excess sebum and left my skin feeling refreshed. I can't stop admiring the visible improvement in my skin tone. It's a must-try for everyone.
Rochelle G
I'm in love with the Diamond Chrome Facial! As someone with oily skin, finding the right treatment can be tricky, but Fresver nailed it. My pores are visibly refined, and the glow is undeniable. This facial is now an essential part of my beauty routine.
Liling W
Living in a city with high pollution levels, my skin often feels dull. Fresver's Diamond Chrome brought back the radiance I was missing. I can feel my dead skin cells are gone, and my face feels rejuvenated. This facial is a fantastic investment in achieving and maintaining healthy, vibrant skin.
HuiMin L

10-Step Facial

  1. Aroma Tension Release
  2. Double Cleansing
  3. Diamond Peel Machine
  4. Light Extraction
  5. Antibacterial Zap
  6. Chromotherapy Infusion
  7. Face Point Massage
  8. Collagen Mask
  9. Shoulder Massage / Shoulder Point Massage
  10. After Care


+ Effectively removes excess sebum, impurities and dead skin cells
+ Reveals younger, radiant skin in an instant
+ Evens out skin tone, refines pores


1st Time Trial Promotion



Usual Price: $400 ($436.00 w/ GST)
Duration: 75 mins

Terms & Conditions

• Exclusively for new customers aged 21 till 65 years old only;
• Not applicable for tourists;
• Strictly by appointment only;
• Limited to a single web treatment redemption for each new customer;
• Promotion is not exchangeable for cash and cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion;
• Fresver reserves the right to amend any terms and conditions without prior notice.

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