Knee Joint Mud Moxibustion

The All-Natural Way to Happy, Healthy Knees

Did you know that rheumatism doesn’t only affect the elderly?  Way earlier than you expect, young people are having rheumatism too. Food, Singapore’s weather, air-con, wear & tear from sports etc. will cause stress to our knees.

If any of the following sounds familiar,

  • Clicking/cracking sounds at the knee when bending down
  • Frequently exercise or do water sports
  • Have knee pain on cold days
  • Injured your knees before
…then it’s time to start taking care of your knees to prevent recurrent aches & pain in the future.

The Knee Joint Mud Moxibustion uses expert massage techniques developed inhouse & premium herbal ingredients to improves overall blood circulation and gently stimulates your lymphatic system, which helps to prevent recurrent pains due to stress.

 Enjoy a soothing Oil-blend Leg Massage, followed by a Herbal Mud Mask (containing premium minerals & functional herbs) and Cupping to ease inflammation and pain.


+ Reduces Joint Fatigue
+ Eliminates Swelling
+ Dispels Wind & Dampness
+ Relieves Rheumatic and Arthritic Pain
+ Improves Leg Numbness
+ Improves Varicose Veins


1st Time Trial Promotion


Usual Price: $360 ($388.80 w/ GST)
Duration: 60 mins

Terms & Conditions

• Exclusively for new male & female customers aged 21 till 65 years old only;
Treatment is not to be done during menses
• Not applicable for tourists;
• Strictly by appointment only;
• Limited to a single web treatment redemption for each new customer;
• Promotion is not exchangeable for cash and cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion;
• Fresver reserves the right to amend any terms and conditions without prior notice.

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