Gastro Intestinal Programme

Nurturing your overall Wellness with our skillful touch! Heal your body and regain vitality.

Say goodbye to indigestion and poor appetite with Gastro-Intestinal Programme-Aimed at improving your gut health and achieve a visibly slimmer waist!

Experiencing indigestion, frequent bloating and constipation? Then you may be facing issues with your gut health! Known as our ‘second brain’, taking care of the gut is a must, not an option.

Incorporating the latest Advanced Infrared BioSonic Vibrational Technology and BioSuction Technology, Fresver’s Gastro-Intestinal Programme unclogs blocked lymphatic system and soothes meridian points, improving blood circulation and digestion. Plus, notice a visibly slimmer waistline and better skin complexion that you can feel confident about just after one session.

For people who experience:

+ Indigestion

+ Constipation

+ Excessive Stomach Gas

+ Frequent Bloating

+ Acidic

+ Burping

+ Bad Breath

The Path to Digestive Wellness: Lymphatic Drainage Massage in Singapore

Embark on a transformative journey towards optimal digestive wellness with our treatment process. Experience relief, improved digestion, and a renewed sense of well-being as you follow our expert-guided path to digestive wellness. Discover the remarkable benefits of lymphatic drainage massage in Singapore and enhance your overall well-being. 

Only with a healthy gut, can you go all out to enjoy what life has to offer!

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