Head Wellness Therapy

Unwind and relax your senses with our Head Wellness treatment.

Combining Herbal Steam, L.E.D. Light Therapy, Head Massage and expert Bojin techniques, this indulgent head and scalp wellness treatment can unblock the head meridians to improve blood circulation and dispel toxins built up in the face and body.


+ Quickly improve qi and blood circulation in the head area
+ Unblock head meridians and dispel toxins
+ Relieves head congestion, improve dizziness and headaches
+ Relaxes the head, relieves fatigue and soothes the nerves
+ Improves overall eyesight and poor memory
+ Improves dullness, forehead lines, crow’s feet, nasolabial folds, drooping eyelids etc.

Highly recommended for those who:

• Often stay up late
• Experience stiff neck issues
• Suffer from poor sleep quality and/or insomnia
• Often feel dizzy, have migraines or tinnitus

Walk out feeling lighter and more awake!

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