Meridian Magnetic Back Treatment​

Nurturing your overall Wellness with our skillful touch! Heal your body and regain vitality.

Meridian Magnetic
Back Treatment​
harnesses the natural energy of magnetic fields, and when applied to meridians and acupuncture points, it helps to balance our body’s natural magnetic & electric fields. This helps to effectively alleviate pain,
muscle tensions and body fatigue as well as stimulate metabolism!

Using the magnetic fork and sets of special treatment techniques, our experienced therapists will work through the meridian points on our body during treatment. When working on the body, different reactions from different parts of the body does help to reflect and indicate the current bodily health which will allow you to better understand your body wellness at the end of the day.


• Promote Blood Circulation
• Reduce Water Retention
• Eliminate Muscle Fatigue
• Relieve Neck & Shoulder Tension
• Unclog Meridians & Lymphatic Circulation
• Firming & Tightening For Skin
• Boost Metabolism
• Dispels Toxins

Highly Recommended for those:

• Constantly feeling lethargic and low on         energy
• Body muscle tensions and knots
• Unable to slim down effectively
• Prone to falling sick
• Water retention

Meridian Magnetic Back Treatment uses a magnetotherapy massager is significantly more effective than manual massage as it works on a deeper level – the bloodstream. As we all know, blood contains iron and iron has a positive charge. The magnetotherapy massager has a negative charge, so the massager can ‘attract’ blood, to aid smooth blood circulation, effectively unclog lymphatic circulation, dispel toxins & acidic waste, so as to reduce water retention, prevent meridian blockage, even relieve back pain and more!
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