Mud Moxibustion Stomach & Spleen

Goodbye gassiness and poor appetite: improve your digestive health to achieve overall wellness!

As the Chinese saying goes, “补身体先补胃” – to nourish your body, start with nursing digestive health (nutrients for the whole body are absorbed through digestion). Only with improved stomach & intestinal health, are you able to attain better overall health.

We recommend this Mud Moxibustion Stomach & Spleen treatment for any modern working adult who have the following concerns:

  • Facing gastric issues due to irregular mealtimes and poor eating habits
  • Frequently facing constipation issues or gassiness
  • Constantly having acid reflux

It helps to improve digestive function, constipation issues, regulates appetite and reduces intestinal heat, so you can say goodbye to these concerns.

Enjoy a Custom Blend Herbal Oil Massage, Meridian Brush Therapy, followed by a Herbal Mud Mask customised for Digestive Health (containing premium minerals & functional herbs) to eliminate stomach gas and expels dampness or intestinal heat.


+ Improves Spleen & Stomach function
+ Expels Dampness & Intestinal Heat
+ Eliminates Bloating & Stomach Gas Issues
+ Improves Appetite & Acid Reflux
+ Improves Blood Circulation

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