Nurturing your overall Wellness with our skillful touch! Heal your body and regain vitality.

Achieve painless periods & improve your overall womb health the all-natural way! Using Meridian Point Massage with Ginger Herbal Oil blend to stimulate blood circulation; followed by a Meridian Brush Treatment to stimulate meridian points and revitalise ‘qi’. A premium Herbal Mud Mask that contains more than 28 functional herbs including high-grade Ginseng and Dang Gui.

2020 Best Oriental Massage Award by Singapore Women’s Weekly

2020 Best TCM Massage by CLEO

Best suitable for ladies suffering from the following: 

+ Relieves menstrual problems such as cramps, headaches, bloatedness
+ Eliminates blood clots leftover from the previous menstrual cycle
+ Regulates menstrual flow
+ Promote female reproductive system and boost fertility
+ Improve the quality of female eggs and increase the probability of conception
+ Prevents premature menopause & ageing
+ Reduces hormone-related acne & pigmentation
+ Improves blood circulation

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