Mud Moxibustion Womb & Ovary​

Nurturing your overall Wellness with our skillful touch! Heal your body and regain vitality.

Alleviate menstrual cramps, improve blood circulation and achieve overall enhanced womb health with our Award-winning Mud Moxibustion Womb and Ovary treatment!

Using Meridian Point Massage with Ginger Herbal Oil blend to stimulate blood circulation; followed by a Meridian Brush Therapy to stimulate meridian points and revitalise ‘qi’. A premium Herbal Mineral Mud Mask that contains more than 28 functional herbs including high-grade Ginseng and Dang Gui is applied.

Through gentle touch and circulation massage, this aims to promote harmony and balance within the womb and ovarian areas, offering deep relaxation and rejuvenation. With a focus on restoring the natural flow of energy and releasing tension, this womb massage and ovarian care massage allows women to reconnect with their bodies and embrace the profound healing power within.

Best Oriental Massage 2020 by Singapore Women’s Weekly

Best TCM Massage 2020 by CLEO

Great for ladies who wish to:

+ Relieve menstrual problems such as cramps, headaches, bloatedness

+ Eliminate blood clots leftover from the previous menstrual cycle

+ Regulate menstrual flow

+ Boost fertility

+ Prevent premature menopause & ageing

+ Reduce hormone-related acne & pigmentation

+ Improve overall womb health

Achieve Painless Period, Relieve Menstrual Discomfort!

Are you one of the individuals experiencing menstrual discomfort and seeking a lasting remedy? Delve into what lies ahead during your treatment sessions and gain professional guidance through our comprehensive guide. Experience the nurturing benefits of Mud Moxibustion Womb & Ovary, combining womb massage and ovarian care massage techniques for enhanced well-being. Understanding the significance of these womb massages and their positive impact on menstrual discomfort and reproductive function is crucial for maintaining optimal reproductive health.

As featured on Channel 8 News

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