NON-invasive procedure with aesthetic results: WISHPRO Facial

WISHPro Facial

Experience WISHPro Patented Intelligent Sponge Capsule and witness visible result in just one session.

Are you ready to elevate your beauty to new heights with our revolutionary aesthetic effect treatment?

A safe medical aesthetic effect to Brighter, Fairer and Smoother Skin.

Suitable For Any Skin Type*

WishPro is the World’s First and Only Capsuled Skin treatment that is suitable for all ages and all skin types.
A customized face treatment with a patented approach that provides three actions in one.

Our Capsules

Each is specially developed to treat the signs of aging as well as dry and, sensitive skin.

Our WISHPro family of capsules is truly revolutionizing the industry’s approach to skin care.
WISHPro Anti-Inflammatory
WISHPro BTX Infusion
WISHPro Neo Energy
WISHPro Peel Exfoliation

Calendula Oil has antiseptic, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties, making it outstanding for treating skin infections. Preferred by those with chapped or dry skin, the soothing and mild aspects of Calendula oil calms inflammation, irritation and even helps heal wounds.

BTX Capsules contain the Argireline® peptide solution C, a peptide specially engineered as a topical treatment that mimics the effects of Botox® in the skin but without the negative side effects. Through regular use of the Synoia BTX capsule wrinkles can be reduced painlessly by limiting facial muscle contractions, thus keeping your face looking ageless! 

The “needle-free” filler provides your skin cells with a pure source of bio-energy. Our Neo Energy Capsule delivers fewer wrinkles and firmer skin in 15 days by reenergizing aging cells to produce collagen and elastin. The capsule contains a safe and pre-activated source of energy (MG6P) combined with essential amino acids and copper.

A natural scrub, the Peel Exfoliator capsule combines Sweet Almond Oil with exfoliation particles. Further enriched with vitamins E and A, the formula contains two forms of cellulose peeling to remove dead skin cells, increase blood circulation and promote cell turnover. Helping you realize the youthful and toned skin you always dreamed of, this capsule is truly marvelous.

WISHPro Contour
WISHPro Age Control
WISHPro Anti Aging Serum
WISHPro Repairing APL
Aims to restore a youthful appearance, anti aging for sensitive skin, anti dark circles to the human face by targeting specific depths of facial structures and treat localized facial concerns such as wrinkles, skin laxity, hyper pigmentation and scars. Improve visibly skin tone, proving a fast action to control stress in skin.
Based on Tightenyl™ and Neurophroline™ are biological skin stress inhibitor obtained from wild indigo (Tephrosia purpurea), a native Indian plant. A specific extraction from the seeds of this plant has been performed to obtain a condensate enriched in specific sugars. 

Water based emulsion contained Progeline peptide has a direct effect on the epidermis and the dermis. It has a remodeling effect, improves sagging skin and wrinkles appearance. PROGELINE™ induces a clear reduction of the face contour (jaw line). Tightenyl™ the skin matrix Bio-lifter, replacement of retinol used for intensive treatments for facial rejuvenation, firms the skin gives visible improvement of skin density, rejuvenation of the skin.

Ah, those magic words! Synoia knows how to make magic happen. Based on a pure Jojoba oil compound, our WISHPro Anti-Aging capsule will make your skin look and feel a whole lot younger, even those with sensitive or problematic-prone skin. The capsule’s natural components help create a moisturizing barrier that locks in the essential nutrients your skin needs.

Combining the active ingredients Cristalhyal and PrimalHyal 300, the Repairing capsule helps protect and repair your skin. Additionally, PrimalHyal 300, a hyaluronic acid, promotes the wound healing process. Give your skin a fast-acting, immune boosting restorative treatment.

Why Does My Skin Need This?

  • Slow down collagen production.
  • Collagen production in the skin starts to slow down from as early 25 years, causing skin to age resulting in dull skin.
  • WISHPro Magnetic Infusion Technology offers the ultimate skincare customization to take care of your skin’s demands.
  • You get personalized technology and serum in each facial, all designed to stimulate collagen production.

Hear what our Customers say:

As a guy dealing with dry, chapped skin, WISHPro Facial at Fresver Beauty has been a lifesaver. Thanks to the personalized approach, my skin feels hydrated and rejuvenated. The aesthetician made sure the treatment addressed my specific concerns, looking forward for my next session.
Alex T
I noticed the area around my eye levels has worsen as I aged. I'm someone who is afraid of needle and dare not approach the doctor for a face lift work. I'm happy that Fresver has brought in a needleless and yet "botox" effect treatment. I did my first treatment and see instant wow result.

Ally S
Im a freelance model and I wanted something to boost my skin's collagen so that i can look my best in print. I was introduce to Wishpro Facial, the personalized technology and serums made a noticeable difference. It's become a staple in my monthly skin treatment routine, and I can confidently say my skin is in its prime whenever I go for shoot!
Ariel S
Fresver Beauty staff made the experience so enjoyable. The WISHPro Facial worked like magic, leaving my face feeling smoother than ever. I noticed my personal skincare get absorb better now, this treatment good even for sensitive skin like mine.

Sophia L

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Common FAQs about WISHPro Facials

WISHPro uses Magnetic Infusion Technology to convert magnetic pulses into an active energy field that creates light or electrical current. This magnetic field is partially converted to Microcurrent, Red LED, Blue LED, or Magnetic Pulse technologies using the different technology heads, and in tandem with the serum-infused treatment capsules.

The treatment itself is painless. Infact, most customer find it pampering.

Customers may experience some mild redness which usually goes away in few hours.  

Results such as softer, smoother and more hydrated can be achieved in one treatment.

However, it is recommended to repeat every 3~4 weeks to maintain the results.


1st Time Trial Promotion



Usual Price: $580 ($632.20 w/ GST)
Duration: 60 mins

Terms & Conditions

• Exclusively for new customers aged 21 & above;
• Not applicable for tourists;
• Strictly by appointment only;
• Limited to a single web treatment redemption for each new customer;
• Promotion is not exchangeable for cash and cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion;
• Fresver reserves the right to amend any terms and conditions without prior notice.
• Individual results may varies.

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