Triphase Scrub

Triphase Scrub

All Skin Types
An emulsion that is designed to deep cleanse, nourish and tone the skin through mild exfoliation. Pearl powder stimulates the synthesis of new cytokeratins that enhance the repair and regeneration processes, strengthening the skin’s ability to combat against external aggressive conditions. Its exfoliating action intensifies when combined with the use of Enzimatic Scrub.


Deep cleanse, nourish and lighten skin’s tone through mild exfoliation.


Spread product over the face and neck in gentle circular movements before removing with plenty of water. Combine with Enzimatic Scrub for better efficacy.

Skin Types

Key Ingredients (Paraben Free)

Plant Betaine
Moisturiser capable of regulating the skin’s moisture. In addition, it protects the skin from mechanical and chemical aggressions (ideal for sensitive skin) and improves the production of fibroblasts and collagen (anti-wrinkle effect).

Aloe Vera Extract It has moisturising and anti-inflammatory effects and is capable of retaining water molecules within the skin. In addition, it has regenerative properties which stimulate the growth of fibres responsible for skin elasticity.

Rapeseed Acid
Sophoro lipid obtained through natural biotechnology and is free of palmitate. In addition, it has excellent solubilising and cleansing properties.

Pearl Powder
It has gentle exfoliation and lightening effects.

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