Up Firming Eyes

Up Firming Eyes

All Skin Types
This serum that contains Argilerox and Liftonin Xpress fluid creates an instant firming and tightening effect. It effectively combats expression wrinkles using revolutionary technology, addressing two key factors for muscle relaxation and smoothing out wrinkles. In addition, it reduces the release of acetylcholine, hence blocking the entry of calcium ions.


Firms and tightens the eye area instantly.


Apply in gentle circular movements around the eye areas to mobilise until completely absorbed. Continue with other desired treatment.

Skin Types

Key Ingredients (Paraben Free)

Biotechnical peptide which modulates muscle contractions, preventing the appearance of wrinkles. “Botox Effect”.

Combined technological active ingredient.

Polysaccharide produced by the Aureobasidium fungus, with powerful anti-wrinkle, firming and tightening properties. It creates a film effect, which provides softness and tightness to skin.

Red Alga Extract (Porphyridium Cruentum Extract)
Rich in polysaccharides, which retain a larger amount of water in the skin, stimulate cell turnover, reversing the ageing process, and produce a natural protection factor against UV rays.

Arnica Extract
Plant extract which is rich in flavonoids. It activates circulation, boosting decongestion and reducing puffiness of the eye contour.

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