04 Brightening Code

04 Brightening Code

All Skin Types


Ageing coupled with the damaging effects from the sun’s ultraviolet rays caused the distribution of melanin to become inhomogeneous, hence localising in certain areas. This facial concentrate with Chromabright and Bearberry Leaf Extract inhibits the melanocytes, hence diminishing spots and discolorations that results in a radiant and uniform skin tone.


Diminish spots and discolouration to bring upon a radiant and uniform skin tone.


Apply evenly over the face and neck as and when required.

Skin Types

Key Ingredients (Paraben Free)

Ronacare Pristine Bright
Active ingredient effective for achieving a perfect porcelain complexion. Contributes a brightening effect to the concentrate which gives the skin breathtaking shine, radiant youth and bright tone.

Musk Rose Oil
Musk rose essential oils clearly improve skin pigmentation, texture and tone. Thanks to their high antioxidant and vitamin content (mainly C and A) they also produce collagen and protect from external damage such as that caused by the sun, reducing stretch-marks and dark spots on our skin.

Vitamin F Forte
Helps to form the skin’s protective lipid barrier and maintain its physiological functions. By virtue of the occlusive effect provided by an effective lipid barrier, it helps to keep the skin hydrated and protect it from external attack.

Kojic Acid
Kojic acid is a product extracted from a Japanese fungus called Koji which is currently one of the most effective and widely used active agents for the treatment of pigmentation problems. Its powerful lightening action stems from its ability to inhibit the activity of the enzyme Tyrosinase during the process of melanin production.

Bearberry Leaf Extract
Arbutin hydroquinone is a natural active substance found in bearberry leaves (Arctostaphylos uva-ursi). Very popular in Japan and Asia, this product is used for skin lightening, to relieve masks of pregnancy, melasmas, marks associated with sunburn, or to regulate melanogenesis.

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